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I am Michael Ruth Ojochenemi, from the family of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Oga Onuh, hail from Icheke District of Omala L.G.A .
I was born 20 years ago in bompi police barracks, Nassarawa Area of Kano State . I also did my primary school education and some part of secondary class before moving to Port Harcourt ( River State), to finished my secondary education.
I present hold a National Diploma in Public Administration from Federal Polytechnic Idah.
I speak Igala, Hausa and English Language fluently. I have absolute interest in Beauty, Make-up, Event planning and catering, which towards meeting my interest, I have acquired skills and experience to this effect and part-timely, practice my interest in economics and at the business level.
I have several hobbies because of my sociable personality,but among them,includes;travlling,dancing,reading,and meeting people.
I have passion and determination to make a career out of this industry and looking for a platform to start until this opportunity came and to God be praise here we are.I have personal challenge which could have obstructed me from participating in this pageantry.E.g.convincing my parent and family,financial,faith wise and also the event content but thank god I overcome them,
And now we are here,I seek that my management will work hard with me for our entire benefit thanks
Thanks God Bless.